• John Legend Pampers Commercial

    Pampers brand ambassador John Legend is helping P&G introduce their initiative to provide 5,000 changing tables in men's restrooms
  • NFL Dads Change Diapers Too

    Former Eagle Brian Westbrook is working to get diaper changing stations in men's restrooms. 
  • No More Diaper Changes on the Floor in Austin

    After Tales Of Men Changing Babies On Bathroom Floors, Austin Mandates More Diaper-Changing Stations  Read more
  • More Changing Stations Coming to Wisconsin

    Wisconsin Bill Calls For Baby Diaper Changing Stations In All Newly Constructed Public Bathrooms  Read more
  • Pampers Makes a Pledge

    Pampers pledges to install 5,000 baby changing tables in men's restrooms across the U.S.  Read more.
  • Diapering Baby On the Go

    Check out Web MD's tips for Diapering on the Go! They agree those diaper change tables in public restrooms are filthy and a travel change pad is an...
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