Reinventing Changing Pads

Typical changing pads are small and offer little protection from germs and bacteria on public changing stations.

The Clean Happy Baby Changing Pad is not only larger than other changing pads, but it is also the only pad that offers pop up walls for added protection from dirty surfaces.


Wherever you go...


The changing pad that came with my diaper bag was tiny, my baby barely fit on it.  The Clean Happy Baby Changing Pad is twice as big and has walls, amazing!

Julie W

My daughter touches everything during diaper changes, this has been so helpful.  I only wish I had it when my son was still in diapers.

Nathan N

Happy and Healthy

Clean Happy Baby's mission is to keep children clean, happy, and healthy.  As parents of two children we learned that babies like to explore with their hands and their mouths.  The idea for Clean Happy Baby began in 2013 while traveling on a plane with our 6-month old.  We were attempting to change his diaper on the small changing table in the airplane bathroom and even with both mom and dad squeezed into the tiny bathroom we couldn't stop baby from touching everything in sight.  After that experience we knew we needed to find a better way. We officially launched Clean Happy Baby in 2020 with a simple mission: Create solutions that keep your baby clean and keep your baby happy, which in turn keeps mommy and daddy happy too.